Not So Sporty! Producer Sunil Bohra To Drag Jaguar To Consumer Court.

Complaint Against Jaguar, Producer Sunil Bohra To Drag The Company To Consumer Court

Complaint Against Jaguar, Producer Sunil Bohra To Drag The Company To Consumer Court

Now if anyone ever thought celebrities and big shots were always spared, we beg to differ.

The brands, in their relentless pursuit to harass, torture and torment the consumer mass do not discriminate. Being a consumer you ought to suffer, celebritydom notwithstanding.

Kudos to this spirit of equality!

Producer Sunil Bohra learnt the downsides of being an Indian consumer the hard way when his 1 crore worth and only 10 months old Jaguar developed multiple technical snags even though it had travelled less than 5000 kilometres.

Bohra is predictably as livid as anyone would be if their hard earned crores (!?) were at stake!

Jaguar for all its status as a renowned, reputed “luxury” brand denied all help to Bohra and even the insurance company cannot help him in this case. Rubbing the salt further in the wound, the company asked for Rs. 1 lakh as repair charges when his brake pads developed rust. Not only this, but the tyre also burst once and the mag wheel had also cracked.

Bohra, now, plans to approach a consumer forum even though according to him, he wanted to file a criminal case.

We wonder what the criminal court’s verdict in this case would have been–homicidal Jaguar guilty of brutal monetary massacre!

Nevertheless, this is a developing story and we will keep you posted on the developments. As far as our spidey sense goes, we sense huge compensation in the offing!

What, however, really concerns us is the nonchalance with which consumers are treated even by the so called luxury brands. Last we checked, “luxury” meant premium benefits, which presumably implies an automatic exclusion of any and every problematic issue, petty or otherwise.With a luxury brand riling itself up in a mess that was so far reserved for the mid-level automobile companies, the future of Indian consumer just got a bit more bleak.

Producer Sunil Bohra To Take Jaguar To Court (Times of India)

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