CNBC Awaaz Pehredaar: A True Watchdog?

CNBC Awaaz Pehredaar: A True Watchdog?


Pehredaar, a TV show on CNBC Awaaz, helps customers get their grievances resolved by airing them on TV and putting pressure on the company. Anurima Chatterjee reviews one of their recent episodes.

CNBC awaaz pehredaar

The show, currently running its second season, is very popular going by the number of consumers posting about it on the internet. There are hundreds of complaints on the internet asking CNBC Awaaz Pehredar to help them out. The show airs on CNBC Awaaz on Saturday afternoons at 3:30pm with repeat telecasts on Saturday evenings at 8pm and Sundays at 1pm and 9pm. Each episode is 30 minutes long and is hosted by Priyanka Sambhav. As per Sanjay Pugulia, the editor-in-chief of CNBC Awaaz, the show aims at “enlightening and encouraging the citizens of India to become aware of their rights as a consumer. It aims to unite the public and offer them a platform to voice their grievances against defaulting companies offering products or services.”

The format

This article reviews the show and discusses whether it is a true “pehredar” of consumer rights. This review is based on the episode aired on the 15th of May 2011. There were six complaints that were discussed in this episode. I will mention three of those. Each complaint was briefly introduced by Ms Sambhav and followed by an interview of the consumer. After introducing it, she explained what impact the show has had on the resolution of the problem.

Honda Jazz problem

The host cut straight to the chase and she began the show by introducing the first complaint. Kanchan Vaid, a resident of Delhi had purchased a Honda Jazz. It was a “select-model” which is supposed to have extra features. Unfortunately, Mr Vaid found that his extra features were defective. He approached the dealer where he was denied any relief. So, he wrote to Pehredar. Surprisingly even when Honda was contacted by CNBC Pehredar, they did not resolve Mr Vaid’s problem. So, Mr Vaid is now stuck with a brand new dysfunctional Honda car for now.

Voltas AC issue

After a quick three-minute commercial break, the show returned with another complaint. The problem was three years old and Ugrasen Singh had done everything he could to fix his Voltas AC. He gave it to the service centre where his AC was held hostage for months on end. After Pehredar contacted Voltas and told them about Mr Singh’s problem, his AC was promptly fixed and returned with an additional one year warranty.

LG Projector TV issue

The third complaint was that of Pratap Munot. He had bought an LG Projector Television worth rupees 70,000. As a result of fluctuating power supply, the TV was damaged. When he asked for repair costs, he was informed that it would cost him rupees 30,000. He contacted Pehredar to check if the estimates were correct. When LG was asked to check the same, they confirmed that the estimate was correct. But they offered Mr Munot two more options. He could buy a new projector TV at half price. Or he could buy a new 29” colour TV for rupees 5000. There were three more complaints involving a faulty Whirpool fridge door, a Dell laptop battery and a Nokia E7.

Pros of the show

I will begin with the pros of the show. It is a very popular show so it is thus a good medium to make people aware of their rights and shows them how others are getting their problems resolved. Two factors allow the audience to readily relate to the show. First, there was a wide range of complaints that was looked into. Secondly, the inclusion of personal interviews of the consumers makes it easier for the audience to relate.

Cons of the show

There are also some problems with the show. Their methods of choosing complaints and bargaining with the companies are unclear. It also leaves one wondering about a few other things. leaves a lot of questions unanswered. What about similar complaints? Are they addressed as well? What is the success rate? How does the show communicate with the companies? What happens in case the company does not respond positively? Does CNBC Awaaz suggest approaching the consumer courts to the consumers? Is the focus to spread awareness about consumer issues or just to focus on newsworthy complaints which make for good TRPs?


On the whole, the show is based on a noble premise. But it is a little rough around the edges. It needs to be refined. The questions raised above should be addressed by the show.

File your consumer complaint here.


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    • Dear Divakar,

      We are not associated with Pehredar in any way. If you read the article carefully, we have published a review of CNBC Pehredar episode for our readers.

      Akosha team

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    • Dear Manav,

      We are not associated with CNBC Pehredar in any way.

      If you would like to use our service, please file your complaint on

      Akosha Team

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  20. I have bought a Chevrolet Cruze car in February 2010. I have been facing multiple problems in the car since I bought it. I have send a series of emails to the company regarding my complains in which a few complains were attended under warranty and many problems still exists in the car. I have paid 15.25 lakhs for the car but the car is under maintenance most of the time. It is my believe that the car is faulty and I feel the company has cheated upon me. I have requested for a third party inspection for the particular piece but the company dined. All I get from the company is the bills which I have to pay for its repair and my car standing in the repair work shop every second day for some or the other repair been done.
    I request the Pahredaar team member to send me a email so that I can forward the series of email which I have emailed to the company.
    I also thought of going to consumer court but its a long process and we dont want to get into legal teams.
    Request you to please please help me in this case. I have bought the car on loan and we have to pay interest every month on the loan which we have taken.
    Please please help me.

    Aruj Tandon

    • Hi Aruj, Please file your complaint on Our representative will get back to you to understand your problem. Your complaint may be resolved.

      Akosha Team

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    What should to do in this case.

    Pl suggest.

  23. Sir mene ek property kharidi thi landlord se unki family huf thi or karta ekbhai tha kharidate waqt usne humse name transfer ki baat ki thi lekin baad me khene laga ki muje transfer fees mere bhai mang rahe hein aapko agrement bana ke de deta ho itafak se bldg gir gahi or builder ne redevelopment ke liye leli builder ne humara agrement ownership basis pe banaya or agrement registeration ho gaya builder ne jo pahle 3rd flor par jaga thi wahi dene ki bat ki thi ownership basis par lekin usne magazine floor bana diya jiski koi baat nahi hui thi nakoi likha padi hui thi ab woh muje ground plus 3rd ki jagah magazine flor ane se ground plus 4bhej raha hain kiya woh ese kar sakta hain ya muje osse compensation mil sakta hain usne muje posession letter de diya hain kiya muje fir registeration karvana padengan aur muje builder se kiya likvana chainein pls aap muje guide karo warna ye builder ki chalbaji me fas na joa

  24. Sir i have parchesed a godreg refrigerater in 2005 it was create the problem in automitic defrost i have ragister a complaint but the problam is not solved right now….

  25. Sir / mem,

    please help for this problem.

    I have use videocon mobile service.

    the problem is with me , this company does not provide my complain number about my issue .

    I said to company educative for this problem. The problem is, I Can not cheek my extra balance on my number.

    When I cheeked my balance with *123*3#. Reply by company service is not unavailable other is the RESPONSE WILL BE SENT AS SMS.

    But not any response. I this try more and more time. I said this about company. the company does not note-down my complain.

    so please help me about this problem. and says to them about this. so please………

  26. I have a complaint against HP regarding my HP pavilion laptop. After
    so much wait and suffering they are still not considering my complaint
    and twice they have closed(complaints no. 4670651641 and 4671674013).They are not respecting individual’s hard
    earned money and only pressurising to act according to their will.
    They can sell any of their rough defective product to the customer on
    the maximum price and after selling they tell us their one sided terms
    and policy. My laptop is defective from the date of purchase. Dealer says contact to HP and HP sings its wasteful terms and conditions.

  27. hi,
    myself bhumika sakaria want to inform you that the service taken by the tata docomo company has yet not refund 110 balance which was been deducted without my activation on 17th April 2012 timed 11.01 am on the same day after 2 hours i had complained the customer care they told me you will get it back with in 24 hrs but still they didn’t gave me than on 19th April again i made a call at 11.30 am spoke to the customer care they told me that within 3 hr you will get your refund amount an still no action took place than on the same date i called again at 5pm their reply was system problem so call after 4 morning i had made a call i was put hold for 1 hour but their senior didn’t pick the phone than i cut the phone and again tried to call but in my number i was unable to call so i tried to call with my other number and spoke to the concern person but as per their words i will not get refund more than rs30/-please help me out and get my balance refund.i am working person can afford to lose a penny.hope you will take a strict action and help me to get my money back
    my number is 7208043785
    thank you
    hope will get a positive reply form your side
    bhumika sakaria

  28. DEAR sir/madam


    meri samasya ye hai ki .
    18/04/2012 ko hindustan new-paper me, (hindustan classified ) (page number-10) me ye aaya tha ki SMS KARKE HAZARO RUPAYE KAMAEYE.
    MAINE CALL kiya to ek ladki se baat hue jiska nam SIMRAN tha. (9756515342) (MEERUT)
    usne kaha aapko EK A/C me 1000/- diposit karwane honge. jo mai aapko SMS kar rahi hu.
    uske bad aapko ek PARSAL bheja jayega jisme.
    jis parsal me apka JOINING LATTER , EK MOBILE , EK SIM , AND NUMBERS KI LIST HOGI. or usi number pe aapko sms karna hai.
    mai 1000/- Rs 21/04/2012 ko us a/c me diposit kar diye.

    A/C NUMBER – 2534000109251666
    BANK – P. N.B

    FIR USNE kaha ab aapko bank se jo PAY-IN-SLIP mili hai usko scan karwa ke and apna NAME , ADDR , MOBILE NUMBER , APNA A/C NUMBER , EMAIL-ID , LIKH KE meri email id pe send kar dijiye.

    uske 2 din bad ,
    ek sms aaya ki apka registration ho gaya hai registration number-503
    or likha tha ki NEHA GUPTA ke hi a/c me 550/- Rs PARSAL ke liye 2 ke andar DIPOSIT karwa dijiye.
    kyo ki pichhla 1000/-Rs security mony thi.
    fir mai ,
    550/-Rs 24/04/2012 DIPOSIT kar diya.
    or pichhli bar ki hi tarah SCAN karwa ke simran ki email id pe send kar diya.

    fir simran boli ki 2 din me aapka PARSAL aapko mil jayega. parsal bhej diya gaya hai.

    4 din tak parsal nahi aaya.
    maine call kiya to mughe bataya gaya ki SINGAL SIM ka stock khatam ho gaya hai.
    aapko double sim lena hoga AND eske liye aapko NEHA GUPTA ke hi A/C me 1000/- Rs diposit karwana hoga.

    fir maine NEHA GUPTA ke a/c me 1000/- Rs 04/05/2012 ko DIPOSIT kar diya.
    AND pahle ki hi tarah PAY-IN-SLIP ko scan kar ke simran ki email pe send kar diya.

    ab samasya ye hai ki PARSAL ka to pata nahi meri call bhi receive nahi ho rahi hai.

    jitna mughe malum hai unke bare me wo mai aapko bata raha hu
    us organisation ke head ka naam hai -AMIT SHARMA
    OR jis NEHA GUPTA ke a/c me maine TOTAL-2550/- Rs DIPOSIT kiye hai, wo NEHA GUPTA , AMIT SHARMA KI WIFE HAI.
    KUCHH OR MOBILES NUMBER WAHA KE YE HAI- 9756515342 , 9756513412 , 9756513498


    SIR , aapse request hai ki mera 2550/-Rs mughe dilwa dijiye.

    plz plz plz help me

    PIN – 211006
    MOB – 9807071112,9935825051
    email id –
    A/C NUMBER – 4098000100042309 (PNB)

  29. Dear Sir

  30. As you know our service contract already discontinue by Panasonic side and Mr.Kumarendhiran commit to me before 30 Apr’12 your full and final payment provide by company.

    I am surprises on 26 Apr’12, Mr.Amit Bharti sent the mail for pending material, So i want say we haven’t any Panasonic material pending for my side & we had already inform to Mr Charangi Lal / Mr.Amit Bharti when my last visit in your office at Chandigarh for submit the final claim.

    Once request you to please release my full and final payment and fresh spareparts return back on top priority basis, otherwise we have last option and go to court / pehredaa

    I am awaiting for your positive feedback …

    AMRITSAR-0183- 5059090

    • We are not associated with CNBC Pehredaar.

      If you have any problems as a consumer, we might be able to help you. This complaint does not seem to be a consumer problem.

      Akosha Team

  31. Sir, i am Prabhat kishore gupta from Chandausi (Uttar Pradesh) and I Place an oredr on 27-03-2012 For a product name Akai 32″ Led Tv at “”online shopping site and pay Rs.18022.00 By debit card of PNB bank account. This Product has Been Marked Deliverd on 15-20 working days.But after 55 days they guys not deliver me my order. i call the custmer care most of the time there is no reresponce so please help me to refund my money via CNBC AWAAZ “PEHREDAR”………Thanks

    Order Status: Awaiting Shipment
    Order Date: 27-03-2012 @ 2:16 PM
    Order Recipient: Prabhat K Gupta
    Order Total: Rs. 18,022 INR
    Billing Details
    Prabhat Kishore Gupta
    H.N.17 Moti Street Chandausi (BhimNagar)
    Chandausi, UTTAR PRADESH 202412
    Shipping Details
    Prabhat Kishore Gupta
    H.N.17 Moti Street Chandausi (BhimNagar)
    Chandausi, UTTAR PRADESH 202412
    Order #10224026 Contained the Following Items:
    Item Details Price
    1 x Akai 32E12 32″ HD LED TV
    Rs. 18,022
    Total: Rs. 18,022
    Shipping: Rs. 0
    Total Amount Payable:

    their head office at -Infosecure consultency pvt. ltd. B-26, Second Floor Sector 8 Noida Uttar Pradesh,201301
    Rs. 18,022 INR

    • Dear Prabhat

      We do not have anything to do with CNBC Pehredaar.

      We can help you with resolving your complaint. Please post it with complete details on

      Akosha Team


  33. I have purchased Split AC on 3rd Jun 2012 from George Enterprises Porur/Chennai. I have paid both advance & EMI cheques. The AC is delivered on 6th Jun and until now none of them have come for installation even after several reminders. Voltas says itself as TATA enterprises should not give such worst services. If it is not installed they can take back, so that another brand could be purchased.
    I wish that this message is good enough for Voltas & George enterprises to act promptly.
    I am reachable on 09689944475 (Siddhu)

    • Dear Siddhu,

      This message may or may not be enough for a prompt processing of your complain. We advice you to file a complaint on with complete details and our team will help you sort out your problem.

      Runjhun from Akosha team

  34. dear
    i had purchased new Ritz Vdi regd. no PB10DP2066 chassis no 367963 from
    sandhu automibles pvt. ltd. ludhiana. on 2-2-2012. Only after 4 months
    the paint of the car peeloff from the left hand door & on bonat.this
    thing is horrible for me. i purchased a new car first time in my life. I
    used Maruti car since last 10 years. I think dealer give me a
    accidental painted car. It is requsted you that please resolve the
    matter as soon as possible.
    Rajeev Ahuja
    mob. no. 09814820173

    • Dear Rajeev,

      Please file you complaint on with complete details and our team will help you sort out your problem.

      Runjhun from Akosha team

  35. pls pehredar call me on my cell ,,,,,,,,,my no is 9412666036,,,,main apne godej ac se pareshan hu,,,pls call me

    • Dear Anil,

      Please file you complaint on with complete details and our team will help you sort out your problem.

      Runjhun from Akosha team

  36. Dear Sir,

    I have purchased a Samsung mobile phone model no GT-S5253 on 22/07/2011.
    my phone worked fine for about 6 months but after that i started facing problems with my phone.Till now i have given the phone for service about 6 times but each time i give my phone on service my problem is not resolved instead a new problem is introduced.In this phase of 6 services the motherboard of my phone was changed twice,out of which once they installed a replaceable motherboard,about which i came to know when i complained on their customer care number.
    I had called their customer care representative many times but still no satisfactory result came out.
    I had talked to the manager of the Samsung care outlet he also tried his level best, but now he is also not paying attention to me and mostly he is out of town.

    Sir i am totally screwed up of making routine visits to the customer care center and to the managers office.
    Please make solution to my problem as soon as possible.

    MOB NO-8979731460

    • Dear Anubhav,

      Please file you complaint on with complete details and our team will help you sort out your problem.

      Runjhun from Akosha team

    • Hi Kamal,

      We are not related to CNBC Awaaz Pehredaar in any capacity and this article only a review of the show. However, as an alternative, you can file your complaint on with complete details and our team at Akosha will help you sort out your problem.

      Runjhun from Akosha team

  37. Dear sir,
    maine ek RO system equagard ka 8/7/2011 ko liya tha. Jiski 4 survice company se de jani thi.
    Jo ki hume aaj tak nahi mili h.
    Two month se RO ki Westages line chalu hai. maine date 14/06/2012 ko A.J. Enterprises ko complent ki thi. compent no.23 Hai.
    RO kharab hone ke baad bhi koi tecnetion nahi aaya. fir maine 21/06/2012 ko compent ki. fir bhi koi reply nahi aaya.
    fir maine 26/06/2012 ko complent ki. date 29/06/2012 ko company ne ek techinition bheja. usne bina machine ko cheke kiye or survice kiye bina AMC karne ko kaha. jb ki meri machine waranty me hai.
    machine me abhi paani aa raha hai or westage line thik nahi ki.
    AMC na karane per techinition bina survice kiye wahan se chala gaya. uske baad aaj tak company ne koi bhi action nahi liya. phone bhi receive nahi karte hai kyunki 08/07/2012 ko mere RO ki waranty end ho jayegi.




    • Dear Ripu Daman,

      Please file you complaint on with complete details and our team will help you sort out your problem.

      Runjhun from Akosha team

  38. Sir,
    Complaint lodged on 02/01/2012 regarding wrong debit of my S/B A/C No.0618000102205762 while trying to withdraw Rs.15000/- thro’ ATM ID No. N- 1605800 pertaining to my PNB Br. at Adarsh Nagar, Delhi-33 at around 13:15 P.M. Many personal meetings & written complaint with Branch Mngr.Dtd.13.02.2012( duly signed by the branch) & e-mails sent by me on 26.01.12 & 05.02.12 to & to on 20.02.2012 including hundred requests to customer care have brought me no resolution till date.
    Please do the needful & oblige.

    • Dear Gian,

      Please file you complaint on with complete details and our team will help you sort out your problem.

      Runjhun from Akosha team

  39. PLZ. HELP ME


    I am A/C holder in spfl . wich the member Bombay stock exchang this brokar not payment me because payment is not relese of the BSE.

    I buy QTY. 8599. scrip name dinesh allora. scrip code. (524590) in date 28-06-2012 wich the (B) GROUP and I sell oty. 8599. scrip name dinesh allora. scrip code. (524590) in date 28-06-2012 my positation is nill in this stock in date 28-06-2012 this is scrip is normal and (B) grup .

    BSE stock exchang is not payment according to brocker. brocker said to me that SELL QTY 8599. @130.00 = 1117870. this value is not payment my brocker so brocker not payment me.

    I am small invastor and PLZ. PLZ. HELP ME.


    MY CONTECT NO. 9898426348
    PLZ.given your contect no in my phone MY NAME IS SUNIL KUMAR GUPTA(KANPUR)

    • Dear Sunil,

      Please file you complaint on with complete details and our team will help you sort out your problem.

      Runjhun from Akosha team

  40. i had purchas a nano car fifty thousand given doun payment ihave not given two staalment componny has been seez my car compony are giving nano with add fifty thousant and thirty thousant my ten stalment are deposited and compony giving sold paper is my name please give me insaaf my no is 9407823114 9300511047 9300512783

    • Dear Rajendra,

      Please file you complaint on with complete details and our team will help you sort out your problem.

      Runjhun from Akosha team

  41. Samsung Galaxy SII i was very happy when i purchased this phone on 19th march 2012.
    But within a couple of days of buying this handset all my happiness shatters into pieces.

    Every next day i face new new problems in thie handset.
    I lodged a complaint for this on samsung ceo department, according to them submit the cell in the nearest service centre. I do the same asked by them after 5-6 days i got the phone problems solved but new other problem arises.

    Well right no I submitted my cell on 2nd july 2012 and till now its 15 days , everyday i call customer care i use to email to the ceo department, the only thing i get in response is under process.

    Will anyone tell me after spending the whopping 32000 rs for a mobile phone, is it justified to get mentally tortured by samsung.

    I’m a professional, due to this defective phone i had a big loss in my business.
    Wasting my time all the time by talking to customer care, noone execute the solution for the problem everybody says under process.

    Please help me to get rid of this SAMSUNG GALAXY SII HEADACHE

    Please help CNBC

    Dr Puneet Lunial

    • Hi Puneet,

      We are not associated with CNBC Awaaz Peheredaar in any manner and this article merely reviews Pehredaar. However, you can file you complaint on with complete details and our team will help you sort out your problem.

      Runjhun from Akosha team

  42. I have purchase window ac model no AWT18KAXT of samsung from rahul electronics pvt ltd wide their invoice no 11990 dt 21/04/2008 goregaon mumbai i have complain to samsung hotline my complain no was 8428039311 dt 16/07/2012 regarding my compressor of ac not working for more then 30 seconds in which company hotline person told me the compressor of my ac in warranty period an the company gives warranty for 60 month as mention in their guarantee card after on same day their person mr asim from service center visited my place talking in rude an told me you have to pay for the compressor i told than what is mean by warranty then he phone mr chetan phone no 022 28711882 an same word that you have to pay full charges for the compressor i told him please show me single damage in my compressor or any welding is done by me as the compressor was not open by any one also this person who visited tells me that their dust is their in ac filter can he show me a single ac without any dust in the filter. i have also sent mail to CEO of samsung regarding my complain then their was a phone from delhi office on 17/07/2012 that your matter will be looked an necessary will be done immediately an mail recieved from CEO that as per report from their service center you will be charge as a good viewer for your channel last many years very good knowledge of share market request you to kindly do the needfull as no other buyer from samsung products is cheated this is the way this mnc working in india.

    • Dear Jayantilal,

      Please file you complaint on with complete details and our team will help you sort out your problem.

      Runjhun from Akosha team

Dear Team ,

I had purchased Nokia handset NOKIA500 spice hotspots sec 22 chd.
Unfortunately , the handset had an interent problem ,hanging problem ,browser problem and after repeated
trips to the Nokia care and service centre the set is not working properly
( the set is hanging continiously and software reloading 10 times to be
exact has still not resolved the issue.)

Now, the service personell are also behaving in a undesired manner and are
no longer responding from the last 15 days and have stopped responding.

Requested to please resove the faulty Nokia handset issue ASAP, so that the
faith in company and the BRAND.
The handset is with your service centre *Mohan Lal and Corporation, Ambala
City *from the last 17 days and despite repeated reminders the issue has
not been resolved.

looking forward for an early response from your end by next week, failing
which i would be forced to approach the media and the legal channel. I as
of now ed to approach the media and the legal channel. I as
of now have full faith in the brand NOKIA.
Regards BINU PAL M 09780454606

  44. Dear Sir

    I had purchased a car i10 Era model from Kasliwal Hundai,Indore on 8th June,2012.At the time of Selling ,they offered me loyalty bonus as
    I was possessing a sentro car.
    I had also opted to take finance on car from SBI.
    Due to some some confusion,wrong financial investigation by bank,the sanctioning of my loan was delayed. Even their officials have demanded paper and other document one after another,which made further delay. Due to which,the kasliwal Hundai got payment on 10th July,2012.

    Due to delay in payment,they have refused to give me loyalty bonus.They compelled me to pay Rs.20000 which they allowed before as loyalty bonus.
    The reason they told me that ,the documents should reach to company within one month.what can i do if the loan was not sanctioned.Even they have not told me about this clause at the time of selling.
    Failing to which ,they thretened me not to issue my RTO
    copy and RC Book.
    I am a middle class men, paid the demanded,undue amount.Due to which I am very much depressed and frausted.
    I therefore request your goodself,to kindly look into the matter and
    safegaurd my interest and punish companies which are doing
    fraud,cheating and misselling.


    Vaibhav Tanted

  45. Pehredar CNBC a truely justified chanel which is helpful to teach a lesson to companies arrogancy.
    for example Zero-B water filter is also having same arrogancy.

  46. Dear mam/sir;
    i purchased akash tablet from some day before but when i opened the box i found that the seal was broken and it was a used/second hand product as it has scraches in it and its functions are also not working…everything in it has been used in it card in it…we cannot use it at all as it is not in the position to use… is of no use….its not working properly ….there is many problem occuring in the tablet……
    actually when we got the delivery the outer box of shopclues was packed properly so we took it…but after that when we opened the outer box we found that the seal was broken.
    i complaint in shopclues by emailing them the photos that in which condition we got the tablet but they din’t replied to my complaint,it has been a long time after complaint bt still there is no reply from them….
    i am rid of this…..please solve my problem….i have last hope from you.
    Thanking you.

  47. dear sir/mam
    my name is monu sharma.
    on 28 aug I give a order for my samsung galaxy tab2 to as.
    i go through the website there is such a successfull feedback and.
    that's why I placed this order to him but till now I don't got my tab my.
    order number is 10315548.
    i pay all payment by creditcard on 28 augest,
    but now when I start surffing about then lots of.
    complains are placed there on google.
    i am getting affraid.
    please help me.
    monu sharma

    • Try contacting their customer care of Timtara. If you don't get a satisfactory response, you can file your complaint at and our team shall help you sort out your issue.

  48. I am rajesh pandey I am zedex nissan as a service advisir aadd 89 fie patparganj industrial area delhi 92 ph 011 49320000 atul jain owner of this organtation told me to give resine after that I went there for talking saliry they not given me told that you come 10.09.2012 when I went there he don t give me salery after that he told me 17.09.
    2012 came they don't give me salary and tpurcher me.
    please help me.
    rajesh pandey

  49. I am vashudev manna,,, Subhash Moahalla, Old Seelampur, Delhi-31. mob: no. 9810863984. In 2008 I buy a embroidery software to wings cad india pvt ltd. This software is amount of 1 lac 30 thousand in this I received a original wings xp embroidery software and a (dongal) is called key. When we install the software we have to put the key in my computer usb, then it will start. When I purchase the key I ask the sales manager Mr. Yogesh that if my key has not working properly then what can I do, then he told me that the company will provided another key to you for a lifetime. The I ask is there any cost I have to pay and he said no. Then I told him can you give me the written give me for this he said yes and he do.In 2009 my key is not working then he replace me free of cost but in 2012 it will again not working again then company person sumit grover said I have to pay the Rs 10000 of the key and I said I have written the you give me the key life time repalcement he said our company not told this.

    So, This is he matter and I have lot of things I have to tell you can you call me in my number I want so advice form you.

    Thank you

    Vashudev Manna

    Mob. 9810863984 or

  50. I have pre-booked my Akash plus ( Ubislate 7+) by paying the money in advance. I got my delivery , although late, but the screen is defective from the day 1st. Initially it was slow responsive and was difficult to operate & later it became " totally irresponsive".Now the screen is not taking any input. As the device is covered under warranty for 1 year , kindly let me know how can I get my device changed. My repated reminders/complaints with the datawind gone in vain as they haven't relied yet.

    With warm regards,

    Dr. M K Razi.
    booking ID: PMEEB47.

    Dept. Of Radiotherapy

    • Hi Mr. Gupta, can you please drop me a brief email on whatever has happened. I will give you a call once I have some background of your case. Drop your email at

  51. Hi Noopur, I am facing a very serious trouble from Country Vacations and this is not only me, like me there are 100s of victims who have been make fool by Country Vacations, pls help me out. It would be great if you can call me at +91-9711829002.

    from the below link you will find out how serius the problem is:

  52. Hi Noopur,
    I purchased an Indica GLS XETA from Mahindra First Choice, Bangalore on 12/07/2012. It was promised to me to give New Insurance Coverage for My Car at time of purchase and they had given me New Insurance Cover Note. Now Cover Note expired on 30/09/2012 itself, I followed up 4 times for Original Insurance documents but they didn't give me the same. I tried last week to contact Mahindra First Choice Kormangla, Bangalore Office and shocked to see that Mahindra First Choice now Closed that office.
    So I checked with HDFC Ergo with my Cover Note No., they replied that there is no Insurance against the Cover Note.
    I surprised, this is simply CHEATING. Please help to get it resolved.
    Shishir Srivastava

  53. hello mam
    i purchased a skoda laura in mar 2008.
    my complaints have not been heard till now.
    i have been complaining since the time it was under warranty.
    inspite of my thousands of visits to the showroom and an email to skoda head over here, they did not take any action.
    just now I was watching your show and I think u can only help me…
    i have sent u that email with attatched warranty photographs.
    priyanka bansal

  54. Hello mam

    I purchased a royal enfield bullet 350 in 17 june 2012 . I have facing a problem engine abnormal sound by first day . I was checked many time in authorised service center but they were solve the problem that time but after running 50 or 100 kilometer than it was repeat the problem . They were not solve this problem permanantly . My bike is in Garranty period mam , please help me. I was totally distrub by this problem.

    Sandeep dahiya

  55. maine reckon reality infrastructure pvt lmd me 100 rs monthly jama kiya hai jo august 2012 me mera 1 sal pura ho gaya hai lekin rekon hamara paisa nahi de rahi hai aur 15 jan ko dene ka wada kar raha hai
    zainul abedin asansol west bengal

  56. Hellosir/dear,
    suir ji maane Samsung ka phone purchase kiya tha Samsung chat 2252 aur sir service centre bhautt bar ja aaya ho lakeen phone thek nahi kar rahe hai isliye Aap plz koi solution btaoo

  57. There’s a company named Sicobe
    Owner is Mr Ranvijay
    He helps people to get their pvt ltd company registered
    This guy charged me 15000 and after that he doesnt answer my calls and it’s been now a month he’s missing after taking money

    • Dear Ma’m

      I hope my post on this date is really at a great delay. But I believe the context you have published here is irrelevant & really with a bad intention. Let me remind you about your apologies that you made last time on our Facebook page regarding the same.

      Now some updates for readers.

      Ms. Roopali posted very unprofessional comment on our facebook page & our editorial page on your story. Based on her query we tried to know the case we were missing. We put up few questions with this regards.

      1. Kindly let us know the client name?
      ” Ms. Roopali” is not our client so far our database fetches client lists.

      2. Kindly let us know the name of the company which was under process for Incorporation.
      “Ms. Roopali couldn’t provide the proposed name.

      3. What was the payment mode ?
      “She didn’t remember.

      4. When was the last time She or the person on behalf she is making such allegation spoke to our CSE?
      “Couldn’t remember”.

      When we came up with few of her Internet History, posted the screenshots to, She came back & apologies saying” I am extremely sorry , that was some other guy”.

      Now the question is “If she was there to complaint about some other guy, how she can be so sure about “Sicobe” & Ranvijay Singh.

      If its a coincidence, its miracle.

      Mahesh Kumar
      Customer Support & Sr. Process Associate

  58. i recharged 3g pack of rs 17 of aircel having data of 100 mb and validity of 3 days. I started using 3g after the message came from Aircel that your 3g pack is activated, but after usage of about 18 mb, i checked my balance was dropped down to 253 from 453 i.e rs 200 has been deducted. This is a incident of about 22 hours ago and aircel customercare is not picking m call. Similar incident happened with me 4 days ago when they activated some pack and deducted rs 30. Bullshit company Aircel

  59. hello mam
    myself sonal sandip of deoghar jharkhand.we all airtel users of deoghar facing a very unexpected problem.i was recharged my airtel sim with 755 rs plan of 3g (4 gb full speed after 4 gb 80 kbps constant speed up to rest day of month ) but hear we got 1 kbps to 10 kbps on 3g mam this is less then 2g on 3g .when i contect local airtel office they cant give any answerand treted very rude with me.customer care also cant give ans. all airtel users are in problem. please give me suggestion. 09431950667

  60. hii I m sanjana agarwal in suratcity gujarat.i purchased a PHILIPS dvd home theater to vijay sales in surat gujarat.after 2 years DVD WAS NOT WORKING I call authorised philips service center which name is DEEP ELECTRONICS ADD. is BH-8 SHILA TOWER, SAMRATH PARK opp- YOU TELECOM, ADAJAN CHAR RASTA, ADAJAN SURAT.PH. IS 0261-3003364/3999364. I gave him dvd dated 29.05.2012 that's workorder no is 999984370847516.but till date he not returnd my's a big example for all citizens can arrange a call 09377728694.plz help me.

  61. dear mam
    my name is mahender singh from delhi/NCR
    indian oil corp ltd. lube bleeding plant asawati, has taken our property as RS.16 per square in return they promised us to give employment….There is an areegement between the company and the administrator of palwal(SDM SC JAIN) that one family member should get employed but now they are deny the contract between us…
    Mahender singh

  62. RES. MADAM,

  63. hi, my self bhavishya kumar from ratlam mp. my friend ritesh bharava was purchase a i20 sportz car dated 22-01-13 from Baba hyundai showroom ratlam m.p. for my use. at purchasing time they gave us Rs/- 7.95 lac quotation, we ware done the deal but now they r creating problem and mentally harassing me & my friend. they never send document for RTO & never give us invoice to us till now. we r regularly contact with them, they said us there is some purchasing cost issue with car. i thing its cheating they r not responding to us properly the behavior is also very bad of dealer & staff. pl help us & pl suggest will i go to consumer forum against this cheating & mental harassment. regd. bhavishya kumar khobragade 9424066421

  64. I Shivendra MIshra having SB account 021201578111 withe chennai branch

    on 30the march 2013 , i had done ATM transaction from icici ATM at patna boring road branch, timing was 12.52.i had requested for 3000 rs but it dispensed only 2000 Rs ( one 1000 note and 10 100 rs notes). furtheer aggravating thee pain No transaction slip from ATM. immediately i rushed to nearest icici branch i.e your zonal office. i was told by staff that we don’t solve such problems, you can go to other branch.

    i have lodge complaints against this at their customer care and every time they say correct amount of money is dispensed.i felt cheated and consider this as fraud against me, need your help in this regard, can call me at 9163331321.


  65. Hi Sir

    Today I got my car delivered in Bangalore from Agarwal Packers and movers faridabad to bangalore, out of 7 items 3 were missing my quilt, back rest amron and a cushion and even one Gods showpiece. Thats was really ridiculous and I didn’t expected such kind of delivery from such a big brand Agarwal Packers and Movers. I lost my stuff costing 2900 rs. I have all photos and receipts of copy with me. I am in Bangalore you can contact me at 09538773893. please help me .

    Dr. Pankaj Tahilyani

  66. Dear Team Pehredar
    I was using Tata Docomo Data Sim no 9215158071. All r going well since 6 months . But after six months plan was changed without information. Then I deposited the actul rent which plan I m using since last 6 months & also request for disconnection of the same with immediate effect in written. I never used that sim after disconnection request. But tata docomo billed again & again. I registered my complaint too many times on customer care also but they have not taken any action. After that I received call from Teeshajari Courts Delhi that Tata Docomo filed a case against u now police will come to arrest u, otherwise pay ur bill to our representative

  67. Respected Sir/Madam,
    I have purchased Maruti suzuki’s swift D’zire VDI model vechile bearing registration No. WB 44 D 2100 on 05.04.2012 from the dealer BeeKay Auto Pvt Ltd of Asansol. From the very 2nd day of purchase of vehicle sound in gears were noticed and it was brought to the notice of service centre but now, almost 16 months are over and till now the service centre could not solve my problem, this matter was also brought to the notice by several mails to the senior engineers and also to the headquarters of Maruti Suzuki. I have been called to service centre for almost every month for repair of this fault but no fruitful result has come. So you are requested to initiate this matter for getting justice. Thanks. SURINDER SINGH. S.P. MUKHERJEE ROAD, MURGASOL, ASANSOL-713303 Contact: 9434055298 & 9733835410.

  68. Sir

    I am INDRAJIT SINGH serving in army. I had a call from your company by nidhi on 30th sep 2013 . you have been selected from up five top person for this offer. And they tell me the offer

    1. If you pay Rs12999/- then you will be registered as life time member of bigiittoday and if you order any item on bagittoday you will get it50% discount on that item

    2. And you will get 3 DIAMOND (cost Rs 10,000 each) ,tablet,sunglases,watch,tie

    3. And they promise that if you want to sold these diamond than you can at any jwellery shop.

    After that another member of your company Mr.Sandip approach for ATM number and PIN number .I give all details for crediting Rs 12,999/ . After that he sudden credit Rs 29,999/ without my permission. When I told him to cancel my second credit of Rs29,999/. He said that your money is on hold for 24 hrs. and return to you and convert into emi. And he offer

    1. You will get 5 DIAMNOND(cost Rs 10,000 each) and you can sell it at any jwellery shop.

    2. And 24 inch LED TV of micromax

    3. Goggles

    4. Rocio bags

    5. Two watches

    After that I sent a mail on bagittoday to cancel my order . after that I receive a call and they told me that don’t give any information about emi when verification call came on your mobile..they also told me that the DIAMOND you get their cost is Rs 10,000 each . On 7th of cotober I receive my both order but some item were missing like ( 24 inch LED tv of micromax).then I complain on bagittoday . complain number(1272639)

    And still my complain not shortout

    I check the DIAMONDS to jwellery shop they told me that the DIAMOND(cost is Rs 500/ each).and your member told me that the DIAMOND cost is Rs 80,000/

    I complain to your company regarding this problem . complain number is : 1275006

    Sir, its kind request to solve out this matter. It’s a humble request to you sir….

    Name: Indrajit Singh
    mob no: 08004824625

  69. Maine ICICI bank se Home loan transfer karvaya tha State Bank Of Travancore, Congressnagar, Nagpur me @ 8.75% se , Bank duara mujhe Document bhi mila hai jise bhi rate of interest 8.75% likha hai 15 sal ke liye. Parantu maine apna account check kiya to pata chhala ki Suru se kabhi bhi mera housing loan ka interest 8.75% nahi raha tatha period bhi 20 years kar diya gaya bina koi suchna diye. Mere pass bank se prapt sabhi document hai. Maine bank ko application bhi kiya parantu 2 sal ho gaye koi jabab bhi nahi diya gaya.
    Apse nivedan hai ki aap mere problem ko jald se jald door karne ki kipa darenge is ummid nd vishwas ke sath.
    Thank u
    Yours faithfully
    Vijay Kumar Gupta
    Nagpur ( MS) 440027
    M : 09422823695
    Date 20.10.13

  70. I have purchased Kent RO Grand+ from Snehanjali in July 2013. From the day it is installed, it is been nightmare for my family. The machine does not even run for 10days without any issue. Withing 2 and half months, i complained 4 times of leakage issue. After servicing same issue repeats within 10days. Because of leakage some of parts might not work properly. Requested kent to change the unit but they are not ready with that and not even giving any confirmation whether it will work properly or not. Need your help to solve this issue. Please contact on +91-9930385866.

    Thanks you,
    Chandradip Nahar

  71. I Raj kumar verma having a trading a/c in SM Commodties UCC ID – PWL001 and now this firm not relese my payout. plz help me. 09355558383

  72. I am a defence officer currently posted in Gorakhpur (UP), My wife had purchased a samsung S4 mini smart phone from samsung store at Delhi Airport T3 terminal on 25 Oct 13. Since THE PHONE HAS BEEN PURCHASED FROM AIRPORT and my wife was travelling and the phone was purchased to gift to some friend, the phone was finally put to use on 04 Nov 13. It was discovered when phone was used that the phone camera was not working. I have shown the phone to samsung service centre at Gorakhpur, they said that the camera is faulty and needs to be changed. Since it is a brand new phone, i feel the company should change the set. But the online consumer support staff is saying that they will only change the camera and not the phone becoz it is more than six days from date of purchase. The T3 terminal shop is saying that if the samsung service centre gives a DOA letter that the camera is faulty then he will change the set, and samsung service centre here at Gorakhpur is not ready to give any such letter. please look into this issue. The samsung customer support replied only one thing that u can contact our service centre. Regards Ashok


  74. Hello TEAM,

    I am an engineer and working in an MNC.I bought a Samsung Note 2 smartphone last year. within a few weeks its started giving me troubles.

    1. the charging cable was too loose to keep holding the connector pin on phone. I visited the cusomer service center, and the technician opened my phone (even on my constant arguments- as any other new datacable was working fine on my phone).

    He opened the phone and after a heated argument he closed it. the problems began from there.they gave me a new data cable.

    2. While on the way to home i observed that my phone is not catching network. Then I had to go back to the service center and he opened the phone and then made some changes and thenclosed it again. the phone strarted catching network.

    3. then the color of my phone is ffading away too quickly even when i have kept my phone very carefully. The silver clolor lining on the phone is weared away like a local built phone.

    Please take this on priority and help me chase this.
    Er. Karan Mengi

  75. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I want to connect to CNBC PAHREDAR, as I want to lounge a complain.
    Last month I have taken a reliance GSM connection of 1499/-. This is true unlimited plan.
    In a month they deactivated my outgoing call and internet connection. Through customer care I came to know they have charged me some wrong data charged and because of their problem my no. is deactivated. They have accepted their mistake but they are not able to provide solution to me, from last 4-5 days I am not able to use my connection and they are charging me and will charge next month bill also.

    Please help me to provide some solution.
    Please contact to me for more information.

    Rajiv Singh

  76. dear sir, i have entered into service contact with ion exchange India ltd. for orwo water in may 2013 till may 2014. i have given one complaint about leaking of water. on 4th nov.2013 and my compaint no. is 576569 dt.04/11/2013 there after i have given complaint on 7th nov. than on 10th nov. /11th nov./ 12th nov./13th nov./14th nov..till date nobody has attended my problem. i seek your intervention to sort out my problem.

  77. my friend Jagjit Singh S/O Gurdev Singh R/O Vill. Shekhewal, Tehsil Shahkot, Distt. Jalandhar was purchased the Kishan Vikas Pattar and N.S.C for Indian Post Department Branch Shahkot, Distt. Jalandhar by Self and Name of Mother. He was go to abroad. His Mother was died Since about 10 Yr Old. He was a special Power Power of attorney in favour of his wife Smt. Harjinder Kaur was buy the KVP and NSC cancelled but incharge of Post Office branch shahkot told the holder of singh in power of attorney in English but buy the KVP & NSC sign in Punjabi. so far not match. I am tolde the incharge Post office yout gave the payment his wife Smt Harjinder Kaur not to the his husband but not issue of payment so please help me please my contact No. 09915600870.

  78. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I took a BIRLA SUN LIFE INSURANCE – Foresight Plan on 20/4/2011 with policy No.- 004842466 according to which I need to give installment of 10 lakhs rupees annually thus I have paid 3 installment uptill nowi i. e. 30 lakhs rupees but according to the plan, the market value as per the highest NAV is just – Rs. 25 lakh and 62 thousand. The fact is a part (0.5%) of the points earned is cut as service tax and administrative charge every month. And the loophole is that the point are cut in a compound fashion i.e. if in the first month, I earn lets say 100 points in a month then they cut 0.5% of it and now if the points earned are 200 at the end of the second month then they take 0.5% from these 200 points. This degrades the number of points earned. The market value is itself an evidence that the services part (which is given to the agent monthly) is not paying me back and I wish that the amount given to the agent should be discontinued.

    Vinod Agarwal
    Rachna Store, Agra
    Bye Pass Road

  79. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I took a BIRLA SUN LIFE INSURANCE – Platinum Premier Plan on 18/03/2010 with policy No.- 003934126 according to which I need to give installment of 1.5 lakhs rupees annually thus I have paid 3 installment uptill nowi i. e. 4.5 lakhs rupees but according to the plan, the market value as per the highest NAV is just – Rs. 4 lakh and 05 thousand. The fact is a part (0.5%) of the points earned is cut as service tax and administrative charge every month. And the loophole is that the point are cut in a compound fashion i.e. if in the first month, I earn lets say 100 points in a month then they cut 0.5% of it and now if the points earned are 200 at the end of the second month then they take 0.5% from these 200 points. This degrades the number of points earned. The market value is itself an evidence that the services part (which is given to the agent monthly) is not paying me back and I wish that the amount given to the agent should be discontinued.

    Suman Agarwal
    Rachna Store, Agra
    Bye Pass Road

  80. i too have complaint regarding whirlpool refrigerator the company is not even repairing n not even replacing it infact the 1 yr warranty has not finished yet plx help me

  81. I had a airtel postpaid connection i had activated 250rs 3g data for 1 gb for 30 day but i used all 1 gb data in 1 day n dectivated plan now they charging me as per day prodata plan n giving me free usage of only 30 mb because of that my bill goes to 3000 rs they deactivated my outgoing call !ue to credit limit .cc saing that u shouldnt have to deactivate plan for 30 days but they never mention 5his while activating also n after the credit limit exeed they have to stop my data also but they didnt

  82. I purchase xolo a500 semart phone rupees6000 ,23/7/2013.and lam faceing problem of black display bluetooth,moveing song to folder and hangs upto application, bettery backup and compny received on:24/9/ phone under repayer in compny 2 month 9days. plese give me my rupese weth jurmana. thanks

  83. Hi Team,

    I have a very strong that I have been fighting since last 15 months against HTC on which the consumer court is just giving us more and more dates. Today my laywer has backed-out and has told me to take some other lawyer, what are the options that i have as i really want to pursue the case and want HTC to pay for compensation instead of going free on it.

    Please share the way forward, can i have someone call me and guide me to way ahead.

    Abhinav Nakra

  84. I had invested my account in NSEL by India Infoline Limited . Some payment received Infia Infoline from NSEL But India Infoline has not given any payment to me. So I want your help . Plz help me I am a meddle class man. So help me

  85. Dear, I have purchase the Asus PhonePad from flip cart
    Order ID: OD31223083369

    I have got the the device but I am not getting specification mentioned on the Flipkart website.

    My Mo. – 9167859108
    Name: – Shiv kumar tiwari
    Email :-

    plz help me to get the proper device i paid for.

  86. Hello..sir
    I have a Micromax 87 mobile and I submit the phone in Porbandar Gujarat service center coz if software problem in 5/10/13 and service center give me a manual sheet which have no complaint num and hand return just give mob num for contect and 20 days time for repair after that I call on that num it’s switch off so many time but totally switch of. After I was go there 8 time service center is closed..I call in customer care they say it’s your mistake that you take manual sheet go at center …behave like a enemy…after I mail in Micromax they say go at center or customer care…again I go and than find service center is closed permanently and I call in customer care and give information but they give me smart phone mail id of Micromax I mail him they always replay call in customer care and go at service center…sir I call in customer care 15 to 20 time ,misl more than 25 but Micromax is not take responsibility or right’s his duty that controlling srrvice center and give satisfactory answer to cutomer..still no one give me that where is my phone…it’s also in warranty and it’s warranty is over in service senter on 24/11/13 as per policy more than one month in center it should be extantand but they are not answering me…on Friday mr.vora I call him to find num from my try not given by Micromax..Vora from Micromax he say we don’t have information of your phone where it is? Sir I am shoked that they are not find my phone..and after that I again go at service center it’s closed and I call Vora but they are no ansring to me…say when we get we will give you…..sir I am govt bank servant but i never entertain to my customer like that but I am tired from Micromax and company is also not give me answer and not finding a phone…still no one is call me or replay to status about say go there ,one say go there, but where I have to go ! All are nonsense ..sir I have so many hopes to expose Micromax..sir whenever I go at servicenter of Porbandar so many village people are there and try to get phone but MicromAx has not important it’s customer so no one is answering to customer..pls expose the no is Many hopes from id is –

  87. Namstey sir main Sukhwinderjit singh ludhiana (dugri) ka rehne wala hu..meri help kijiye mera account no sbi bank phase2 dugri ludhiana me hai…maine 07.12.13 ko 20000 rs ki withdraw karwaye the lekin ATM se paise withdraw ni huye..acount se paise katne ka msg aa gaye time lagbhag 4.59 sham ko..maine bank me bhi compleaint karwayi yhi lekin ko process ni hua bank ki tarf se mere abhi tak paise wapis ni aye hai. kirpeya meri help ki jaye…..mera a/c no 00000030779418837 txn no 1685 ATM 6220180491200075944.SBI DUGRI PHASE2 LUDHIANA… dugri road atm jha se maine paise niklwane gaya tha wo bhi sbi ka atm tha….

  88. SIR,



    I am having services from Reliance Communication, it is called Reliance Netconnect and my number is 9372790118, for my last months bill of Rs. 1001, by mistake I have paid 10001, while making payment online.

    I have called them, their services called My Services and requested them to refund my ascess amount thru same bank account from where I have payment and they are not ready to refund the amount instead they said now you do not pay us for next few months which is not acceptable to me.

    I would appreciate if you can help me to get my amount refunded.

    Bhayani J S

  89. I need help regarding my bran new KTM bike, which failed on the second day and my husband and me saw death. Pls pls help us

  90. Dear Sir,

    My daughter had purchased a LED TV, Model No. UA39EH5003R from M/s. Super General Trading Co., L.L.C., Behind Old HSBC Bank, Naseer Square, Deira, Dubai, U.A.E., P.O. Box: 322 (Telephone 2219495 & Fax 2214779) on 01.04.2013 vide Cash Memo AE No. 18304.

    It is to inform you that when the above LED was installed on 28/04/2013 by Service Engineer at my home, then I’ve observed that a TWO INCH HORIZONTAL lines is appearing permanently in the centre of TV Screen and after 2-3 days, the said LED was closed permanently. In the matter, I immediately called up the customer care to check on what is the problem and wanted them to check. I was told that since it was without warranty and I have to pay Rs.5,000/- towards visit of Service Engineer to find out a problem only.

    After 10 minutes, I got a call from one of their engineers and I briefed him of the problem, upon which he seem to have already known the problem and some cost would be incurred to change a panel. I wasn’t sure which panel he was talking about? I enquired further on what would be the exact cost to replace the same upon which he said he will need to confirm. In next 5 minutes, he called me back and informed the cost about INR Rs.21,000/- for replacing the panel. Wow… I pause for a while as I was still trying to figure how on earth the repairing cost is so expensive than its purchased price about INR Rs.21,500/-.
    I called up the customer care again to find out if the repairing cost their engineer was quoting was true or not. The customer care doesn’t seem to have an idea of the same.

    I had a lot of trust for Samsung Product and now with this I do not think I am going to ever buy a Samsung product ever. And I for sure know I am not going to recommend any of my friends to buy one too. Honestly it seems like the whole Samsung team knows of this and they are cheating the customers.

    In the matter, very complaints have been made verbally and through e-mail but not succeed.

    You are kindly requested to depute Service Engineer to resolve the problem at the very earliest.

    Sudhir Kr. Sharma
    Dwarikesh Sugar Industries Ltd,
    Dwarikesh Nagar (Bundki),
    Distt. Bijnor – 246762 – U.P.
    Hello: 01343-267061-64,
    Mobile: 094127 13911
    Fax: 01343-267065

  91. सर मै नरेंद्र कुमार सोनी पिता – मुन्नालाल सोनी निवासी नौगोंग वार्ड न.12 सुभास रोड नौगोंग जिला छतरपुर म.प्र। का रहने बाला हू सर मेने एक सुमो बिकटा 3. 2008 को गाड़ी छतरपुर के टाटा फ़ास्ट फाइनेंस से 340000 तीन लाख चालीस हजार फाइनेंस कराए थे फाइनेंसर राजेश अगवाल व सन्तु निरंजन दुआरा ब्याज ६. ५० प्रतिसत बताया गया था ब्याज जोड़कर 384000 बताया गया था एक क़िस्त 16800 कि काट ली गयी थी शेष 22 चेक 16700 के हिसाब से दे दी थी गाड़ी फाइनेंसर ने दो दिन बाद फोन किया कि एक चेक पर दसकत सही नहीं है दूसरी चेक देना पड़ेगी तब मेने एक चेक और दे दी तथा दसकत ख़राब बाली चेक मागी तो 15 दिन बाद देने का कहा लगा टार हैम ख़राब चेक मागते रहे पर चेक नही दी गयी गाड़ी लेने के बाद कम्पनी दुअरा जब स्टेटमेंट आया तब पता चला 23 चेक लगा दी गयी है व ब्याज ८.९६ प्रतिसत लगाया गया है कई बड़े अधिकारिओ से बात कि पर किसी ने स्पस्ट जबाब नही दिया तो हमने एक चेक का पेयमेंट रोक लिया कम्पनी दुअरा नोटिस आया तब हमने कम्पनी को नोटिस भेजा पर कोई जबाब नही आया तब एन ओ सी लेने के लिए मजबूरन 23 मी क़िस्त का पेमेंट कॅम्पनी के फिल्ड ऑफिसर राजेंद्र शर्मा को नगद 23903 विथ ब्याज के 23. 3. 2011 को दे दिए फिर भी हमारी एन ओ सी नहीं दी जा रही है हमारे साथ एक बार दोखा किया जा चुक है अब पैसे लेने के बाद भी हमारी एन ओ सी नही दी जा रही है तथा कम्पनी दुआरा फोन पर धमकी दे कर फिर पैसे कि माग कि जा रही है सर कृप्या हमारी एन ओ सी दिलाने का कस्ट करे

    मो. 9893196078 ,9893947526

  92. i got new electricity connection from puschimanchal vidyut vitran nigam ltd a subsidary co. of uppcl. i havnt been yet rendered my first electricity bill for 6 months. i want to complain in distt consumer forum can u help me out?

  93. sir/mam,
    I am writing this to inform you that I am an owner of Sony Vaio vpceh18fg product serial no. 7000446 and my job no is j540208341 at sankalp electronics sony service care patiala.I bought this laptop nearly 2 and half years ago and it’s headphone jack got broken nearly after the month of purchase.So I went to Sony care for its cure but they said it will cost me nearly 12000 as warranty does not cover physical damage.but the laptop was working fine so i decided to keep it in the way it was.After 1 year i got it’s extended warranty and i even ask for this at the time of getting extended warranty but they said no problem will occur.Now after 2 and half years it’s motherboard gets defected and I went to Sony care Patiala and they have rejected my request saying that your laptop’s extended warranty is void as the headphone jack is broken.
    sir/mam,any person can tell you that its not possible that motherboard got damage due to broken head phone jack after 2 and half years.
    The response the Sony care of Patiala has given me is simply shocking.Their behavior with me was not even good. I am a student and Sony care is 15 kms. from my place and i don’t have any means of transport but I have to go to sony care everyday asking for approval of warranty but instead of this they are asking me to pay 12000 rs .I am highly disturbed and totally harrassed by this and I request you to help me out as soon as possible I have attached my job sheet with this too.Please help me as soon as possible.

  94. Dear,sir/madam
    i have a micromax a110 mobile and i submitted my mobile in service centre (Rohini, delhi) on 2/12/2013 and the service centre name is siya electronics. I submitted my mobile coz of hardware problem, n sensor not working. so they gave me 4 to 7 days to repair my mobile. when the 7 day are completes i called u to get my mobile den they said your mobile is not repaired yet n we want some more time. nw the service centre is closed on 14 January 2014. nw i call to micromax helpline no. 18605008286. n they r giving me time again n again from last 45 days. nw i am totally fed up with all this pls try 2 understand sir/madam. its 3 months completed to facing that problem. Pls help me as soon as mobile no. is 9891850750.n my job sheet no. is n030682-1213-6732451

  95. Dear sir/mam
    I am kuldeep kumar one of my friend very disturb due to purchasing of blackberry phone cost 9000 but after few days phone starts switch off automatically several times.
    for moree detail sending kindly give email id for submitting proofs and details
    and my friends mobile no is 8094002533 and Name is ashish Khandelwall
    and email id is
    the phone is under vender warrenty (mob. no 9820335030) from last six month neigther vender return my fone nor pickup phone my friend frustrated from last six month

  96. – dear sir ,/mam . i want to complaint agaeinst HDFE LIFE INSURANCE .sir maine hdfc ki classi assure with-a-framework/ 1/1
    policy . POLICY NO. IS 15020376. 13
    march 2012 me karwai thi .jisme maine 90000 rs jama karaya tha.policy bechne k bad sab log jo phon se bat karte the tarun sing aur s.k
    mahajan sab gayab ho gaye.aur mera paisa 2007 se hdfc me laga hai,jiska 1 rs ka be benefit nai hua ke vade anusar 165000 rs [.one lac sixtyfive thousand rs n twenty four thousand rs]
    hume 2013 me milna tha aur 3 sal tak 8000 rs milna ne frod logo ko laga ke public ko gumrah karte hai.kindly return my
    `165000rs and 8000×3=24000 rs with intrest bapas dilva de. NOTE .humare pas sab daccuments ,recording ,noida office k numbers hai. thank you sir. My e mail id is rrenu555@ RENU JAIN KANPUR-208014 MY NO.09450720045
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.\

  97. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am literally a frustrated customer who is being tortured by SAMSUNG INDIA team day by day. In November 2012, i had purchased a SAMSUNG 3D LED TV of Rs. 1,24,000 from JUMBO ELECTRONICS Gurgaon,Haryana. Within warranty period of 1 yr we had started finding the TV problems in 9th month from the date of purchasing.
    They had changed our TV PANEL for 2 Times. Now our TV has stopped working even we had extended our warranty by paying Rs.6500. Samsung had not rectified the issue and even without diagnosis the issue they are doing their non-sense practical over our TV. Now i am getting frustrated as they promised us to give our money back by deducting 17% depreciation. But again they had shown their false commitments and deny to give it to us even after submitting my Account Details and all.
    I want your help as i want my money back without any deduction.because it was my precious money from which i had purchased it on EMI. Please contact to me on my details which is given below.


  98. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am a frustrated customer who has been neglected by well known & so called reputed VOLKSWAGEN India (Car Company).

    I had purchased Volkswagen POLO car in the year March 2011 ( With 2 years warranty period), after one & half year on 9/11/2013 my car was burnt in the parking area of the bank at Gandhidham (Kutch) Gujarat Pin 370201.

    After that incident, same day company towed my POLO car (GJ-12-BF-2889) at their Local WV show room, & I was informed by VW Workshop Manager that after doing survey we will inform you.

    After 15-20 days I was informed that I will get new car instead of my Burnt POLO Car, till the process is done they gave me a LONER car. After one month the loner car was taken back by the VW company & informed me that I will get a new car with in few days. I waited for 2-3 month & did lot of follow up with company to get my new car & till date I am waiting for my VW POLO CAR. After seeing the Poor response of the company, I have lodged a complaint against the VW company in Consumer court at consumer forum – BHUJ (Kutch) Gujarat.

    I request you to look into the matter & help in getting my car back.


    Vinod Munshiani,
    Plot NO.371, WArd No.2/B,
    Adipur – Kutch (Gujarat)
    Pin – 370205
    Mob. – 98985 18900

  99. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am literally a frustrated customer who is being tortured by SAMSUNG INDIA team day by day. from begning, i had purchased a SAMSUNG 1.5 TON Split Aircon from Lucknow. Within warranty period of 1 yr we had started finding the AC problems very Next month from the date of purchasing.

    Recently with in five month we have found four time problem in our AC and every time they assured me again problem is not persist again.Also they charged me three time money for repair charges.They people sitting only for making money form not for customer satisfaction.

    Today some Mr.Amit called me from SAMSUNG HO after knowing all the problem he told me that do what ever you want to do.

    I want your help as i want my money back without any deduction.because it was my precious money from which i had purchased it . Please contact to me on my details which is given below.

    Kanak Singh

  100. Sub: – Regarding complaint received from Shakti Gram Udhyog-NGO for 355 *8kg pipes supplied by Jain irrigation Ltd-“Brand make-Jain pipes”.

    Dear Sir,


    First I would like to express my views and give you brief introduction to your most viewer demanded channel, I have seen your programme and very impressed how the channel resolved the problem & given massage to all potential people? It was fantastic and we have decided that we will send you our present burning issue infroent of you for media helping purpose and alertness of other kind customer.

    Here I would like to inform our problem to you for helping purpose and declare in the market via media like TV advertisement to Gujarat all concerned persons the fact and fraud act by Jain irrigation co. ltd-Jalgon, Maharashtra with Gujarat Govt. Contractor and supplier.

    We have purchased Jain pipes from Jain irrigation co., Jalgon, Maharashtra for Gujarat Govt. Project thru NGO-“Shakti Gram Udhyog at Bhintkhurd wide bill nos- 1408306232 to 1408306243 & 1408306249-1408306252-1408306253 dt: 31-12-2012 By Mr.Dhaval Govt. Contractor but after installed certain pipes of 355*8kg/cm2 in the month OCT.’13 I have received pipes busted/cracked complained from the field dtd 11.10.13 and we have informed to the technical/marketing tea, of Jain irrigation co,Maharastra.
    Mr.R.V.Sinde sir form Jain irrigation company visited at site where problem has come dtd 11.10.13 and taken sample after verification all technical part of lift irrigation system i.e. jointing, air-valve installation, laying of pipes etc.,but no feedback we have received by them positively.
    Again today i.e. dtd 15.10.13 two technical persons 1. Mr.T.N.Durge sir 2. Mr.B.M.Sinde sir 3. R.V. Savle come and same procedure of technical verification of installed pipes for lift irrigation done and also they have made pressure test in same line of 355 *8kg installed pipe and they have found on 3kg hydrostat pressure on pipes got blast/crack and water come out from pipe and given written confirmation of product problem from company side with all witness sign (Here I attach doc along with this letter)

    Company could not find why problem occur and also not given final statement or any kind of reimbursement so LI work had held-up now Mr.Dhaval Chokshi Contractor-NGO -“Shakti Gram Udhyog” is a big politician he was worried and often called to company and us as a mediator supplier –Auroma traders-Ankleshwar., Because we have bounded with time limit to hand over assigned work by Govt. and stucked-up/blocked of around 40 laces or more.
    Also Mr.Dhaval Contractor-NGO-“Shakti Gram Udhyog” wants to meet Mr.Atul Jain- JMD/Mr.Ajit Jain-JMD – Jain irrigation-Top mgt. for this serious case on priority bases. But no replied we have received from Jain irrigation ltd.
    Again we have sent mail dtd-27.11.13 to company, After telephonic discussion with Mr.Jitendra Jaha G.M. sir dtd-23rd Nov.’13 for our personal meeting at Jain irrigation plant with management from the subject of pipes bust/crecked complained as per our earlier mail sent to all., But Mr. Jitendra Jaha sir told us Do not require to come at plant because we have taken decision positively and will replace all pipes and will send you as soon as possible and also will give you mail on Monday without fail to you. , But till today we have not received any kind of mail from your side and also from Mr.Nipul-Company person why?
    Today I called Mr.jaha sir subject for mail which is require or most urgent demanded by Mr.Dhaval-Ngo because they are in tense due to till not received any reply on mail and often called us., but I felt Mr.Jaha sir is very strange person and totally refused to give us a mail for confirmation that company will give us a replacement to us and “he told me that we will give u pipe as I already said why you require mail”., now my question is if company agreed and give us replacement then why refused to give us in writing., we require supporting prior mail for further process to executive, Mr.Dhaval-Ngo,or other department for given clearance by company.

    We should not expect this kind of misbehavior made by responsible company person or also not responding after given positive Clarence with verbal statement by Mr.jaha sir

    After this mail conversation many times to company with polite and harshful words by Mr.Dhaval-Govt.Contractor such as “I hope company will definitely take some positive and corrective e action to sustained “Jain brand “in all Govt- sector business or to protect to be black listed with given replacement as soon as possible. “But till they have not given us any reimbursement and done according to comittement or agreement. Also many times Mr.Dhaval and us as a Auroma traders-suppliers given mail to meet Mr.Atul Jain-MD but they have not given appointment or any kind of positive response.

    So now we are enforced to published this issue in media and will expect help from you to find out and taking action in favor of us or also in next Jain irrigation co ltd, Maharastra will not dare to do this kind of fraud to other projects of Govt.,or private customer for Lift irrigation purpose in Pipes.

    Email ID & Contact no of Jain Irrigation pipes persons are as under:

    1. Ajit Jain – 098230 32022 –
    2. Jitendra Jha – 094227 73398 –
    3. Land line nos. – 0257-2258011/02258022.

    Auroma traders :
    Mayur Patel – 098241 12499 –
    Land line nos. -02642-251918/251442
    Dhaval Chokshi- NGO- 098795 18847

    Here attach all evidence for further procedure if any kind of help subject to this cases pl either call me or mail me on this email ID.

  101. I bought a new car( Hyundai grand I 10 sportz) 0n 21st july 2014 from authorized dealer (vasu arjun Hyundai) in MORADABAD (Uttar Pradesh). Then on 25th july 2014, I had a minor accident in which my car got an impact on the front with a wall. I went to the authorized service centre (vasu arjun) in Moradabad same day, where they checked my car and told me that there is damage to the radiator, front bumper and leakage of coolant and asked me to leave the car there. I left the car for repair and they told me that they will deliver the car in 4-5 days. Then the survey of the car done by surveyor and according to his survey, all the damaged parts were replaced by new one. On 1st of august 2014, they called me for delivery of my car, but when I went there and checked the car, there was some abnormal sound from the compressor of the car which was not present at the time of survey of car and there was no impact over compressor according to survey report. When I asked why this sound is coming from compressor, they had no answer and making excuses or baseless explanation for the same. I was very annoyed and have doubts that they have changed my car compressor with an old & defective one. When I asked them what you will do now, they told me that you have to pay for a new compressor because it could not be replaced under insurance claim. I was very angry and shouted over them that I bought a new car just 4 days ago and now you are asking me to pay 20,000 rs. for compressor. Then they told me that they will replace the compressor under warranty and will deliver the car on 5th of august. When I went on 5th of august to service center, they told me that the new compressor which they ordered from Hyundai parts manufacturer, Chennai, was a defective one. I have doubt is it possible company will send a new part without checking and getting assured that it is properly working?
    Then they told me that they will replace the defective compressor with another new one and deliver the car on 8th of august. When I went there on 8th of august, they told me that when they applied new compressor, it got rust particles in compressor oil which circulated in cooling tube and damaged the condenser and cooling coil. I am surprised how a new compressor can has rust particles. I strongly have doubts that they have changed my original new compressor with an old defective one and now making me fool. I am very unsatisfied and annoyed with all this. I bought a new car for my comfort but now it has become a headache for me. For 15 days, my car was standing there at service centre and they were doing experiment on my brand new car. I lodged a complaint at hyundai customer care at that time, but they did not call me.
    YESTERDAY, i went for my 1st free service and my car have run only 400 kms till today. now they are saying that engine producing some abnormal sound & engine timing chain and adjuster have damaged and need to be replaced.
    i am surprised how can engine chain got damage so early in a new car. I have very strong doubts that VASU ARJUN HYUNDAI SERVICE CENTRE at MORADABAD have changed my original parts with old ones.
    TODAY, i went to another hyundai service center in delhi and after inspection of my car, they told me that your engine timing chain has already be open. now i am confirmed that vasu arjun hyundai service center, Moradabad has changed my car original parts with old ones. I have very strong complaints against vasu arjun Hyundai service centre, Moradabad & I want a new car in replacement because I have very strong doubts that they have changed all the important parts of my car with 2nd hand parts.
    I request you to take proper action against vasu arjun service centre,Moradabad (U.P.) & also want an authorized car engineer from hyundai company for survey of my car as soon as possible.
    car details:
    model-grand i 10 sportz petrol UP21AX2915
    VIN No. MALA851CLEM124651
    Dr nitin Agrawal
    Mobile no. 9410059193

  102. Hi. mam this is dilip
    dt. 22-09-14 call from, they offered me dell laptop and said that u have to pay 6999/- Rs, at emi-583 for 12 months via on line transaction. after reading the review on internet i found there are severals complaints regarding sandsshopping hub. I totaly frustated. pls help me.
    my transcation id- 577123069
    bank txn id- 741293
    order id- ORDS99605726
    PAYMENT DATE- 22-09-14, 15:57:51:0

    mobile- 8109893804
    – 9165526253
    thanks pls help me

  103. Dear Priyanka I brought a sony Bravia LCD model no.KLV 328X350 on 5.7.2012 We prefered Sony for Good quality and service of the product but My LCD started showing Ghosty figures and picture started rolling on screen on 16.9.2014 then we called Sony service they send a person who said this is due to deffective screen and repair will cost Rs.12000 .I just want to know is this the Life for Brand like Sony’s product ,do they use such cheap quality that their product not even serves for 2 years I very ashamed of being a sony customer. Please help me to get free replacement of screen as its a quality issue.Please help.

  104. Sir /mam
    My self er.abhishek dhuriya from indore i have send you three mail’s previously informing u about my complain related to my device xperia z1 and its almost 10 days passed and no resolution Is provided to me even no authorized person contacted with me for my im completely frustrated with service and quality of product…n forced to take legal action To get justice.. Im sending u video of my device please watch it..and try to understand my problem..its impossible to operate it in this condition…
    From:abhishek dhuriya
    This is my complain i have send to sony but they didnt responded to it. Plz help me

  105. Dear sir;
    Sir ham ne 19/march/14 koRoyal Enfield ki bike thunder bird 350 Jabalpur (m.p.) se kharidi thi, jab ham bike le kar aapne home place satna(m.p) aaye to hamari bike me hundle me & bike ke lahrane ki sikayat aai jis ki complan ham ne 20/03/14 ko jabalpur Agency me di to unhone hame jabalpur bulaya ham bike le kar next day hi jabalpur gaye, waha par service center me bike ko sudhara gaya par kuch dino baad ye problem phir aa gai. Sir ham ne ye prakriya kam se kam 8 baar ki fir bhu hamari bike sahi nahi hui. Sir baad me ham ne phir court se notice bheja to uske baad hame phir jabalpur bulaya gaya bike fir sudhari gai par 380 k.m. chalne ke baad ye problem fir aa gai.
    Sir hamne agency me kaha ki hamari bike change kar de par koi jawab nahi deta unka kahna hai ki ham bike fir sudhar dege aap le aaye.
    Ham ne kaha ki hamari bike chnge kar dejiye par koi nahi sun raha hai. Sir ham 07 month se pareshan ho plz meri bike chnge karawa digiye ham bahut pareshaan hai… plz help me

  106. sir myself divyaansh and I am in need of your help I buyed micromax canvas a177. And I used it for atleast 2months and then it started getting problem in its jack, where do we insert head phones. Then I immediately showd to the care center of micromax they said if jack would in damage then wehave to send it to micromax service center, I was very upsad I said ok send myphone to the company but even after being repaired from the company its still got hanged again and again and even it also not getting switch on.Again I showd it to care now they are saying this phone will again go to the company.sir m totally tied of all this I did not even used for even 6months and in 2months its damaged please help me I will send you all the detail of what the things happen with me.please rpy and send you contect number so I could explain in brief.

  107. I’m using TATA DOCOMO PHOTON MAX…… I bought it about 45 days ago….. They claimed the speed of 6.2mbps..but i have never experienced speed of even 1mbps on it.. during night(around 1 am) speed is good its about 1.2 mbps.. but during whole day speed is always less than .40mbps.. i have complained many times but they dont try to solve the issue.. it would be a great relief for me if you’ll try to fix this issue….